Helping Your Company Achieve a Competitive Edge Every member of your team can benefit from Core Insights training because our learn-and-use strategies can be implemented as soon as you return to work. We leverage our experience in guiding organizations to bring new insights to what matters most.

Bring New Insights to Your Non-Profit Organization Offering a variety of programs specifically for non-profits, our team of experts will help you accomplish your organizations’ goals. Core Insights can help your team combine the strength of business and non-profit best practices with the passion of your mission.

Strong Leadership Yields Strong Ministries Core Insights provides a variety of trainings tailored to the needs of your ministry. Let us help you discover what is right for your faith-based organization and create a program that is engaging and immediately applicable for your employees and volunteers.

Core Insights, in conjunction with Mentoring Minds, supports educators with a specialized training program that promotes educator, administrator and student excellence. Whether you are a superintendent, curriculum director, principal, department head, or teacher, you will find that Core Insights offers a customized training program for your area of expertise. Take what you learn back to the classroom or the campus for improved results.

It’s Time to Invest In Your Strongest Business Asset...You Whether you have your eye on a promotion, wish to gain new skills for your current role, or have a passion to explore a new career, coaching from Core Insights can help you get there. From organizational leadership, to planning and development, to business strategies and beyond, our customized training and coaching can meet your individual needs.

Customized Professional Training and Development

Core Insights provides value by bringing acumen to what matters most to you and your organization. We provide premier training and strategic guidance to businesses, non-profits, ministries, schools, and individuals.

Core Insights brings industry-leading professionals to you. Whatever challenge you face, we have the experts and the practical experience to help you navigate them. We're about helping you be the best. If you're tired of settling for "good enough," call us today to find out how we can help you be what others in your industry will aspire to become.

“I often found myself thinking about something in a new and different way after I met with Core Insights. They helped us clarify and focus our message for the right audience. They are great listeners and effective communicators, individually and in groups.”

-Dawn Franks
President, Fourth Partner

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Transition from Holiday mode to Work mode

All over the world, people are settling back in to their “normal” work day after taking some much needed time off for the holidays. Doing one or more of these productive tasks can be the bridge to transition from holiday mode to work mode. 

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