About Us

Our mission is to create “aha” experiences that translate into actionable items and take organizations and individuals to new levels of lasting transformation.

Core Insights has brought together a team of people who care about the growth of your team and your organization. We’re personable, passionate, entertaining and have your best interest at heart. We quickly connect with our audiences, and become trusted advisors for senior leaders. We have extensive experience in a breadth of industries, and deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to accomplish transformation. Utilizing creative, engaging, and thought-provoking activities and programs, we produce “aha” moments that take individuals, companies, and nonprofits to new heights.

Our Values

What motivates us


We are real and genuine in all that we do, so people connect with us.

Innovation & creativity

Every challenge is met with a unique perspective and imaginative touch to ensure engagement and action.


With decades of experience across multiple markets, our facilitators provide expertise that your team can apply immediately.

Upbeat approach

Our passion for helping you succeed, coupled with our energetic rapport, delivers a fully engaging experience.

Trusting partnership with clients

Through detailed questioning, listening, and problem solving, we partner with our clients to make sure we provide solutions that get results.

Servant leadership

With everything we do, we strive to enrich the lives of our clients by serving them and meeting their needs.

Photo of Brian
Message from the President & Founder
We exist for YOU!

Every day, we have the pleasure of coming alongside businesses, nonprofits, associations, and individuals that desire to have a greater impact. It is with great pleasure that we listen to their desires and their needs and create a path to serve them.  Our team of professionals care about your team, and helping them be all they can be. We look forward to adding you to the long list of clients who are realizing their dreams for organizational peace of mind.

Photo of Brian Brandt
Brian Brandt
President & Founder
East Texas Representative of Dale Carnegie and Associates.