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Participants are engaged in active learning with a clear picture of how to immediately apply lessons on communication, leadership, conflict resolution and much more.

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Move toward achievement

We make training sessions an enjoyable experience by utilizing proven methods that help your employees grow and develop. Our programs are customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. We have the expertise to address where they are, whether in apathetic work, high turnover, lack of results, miscommunication, lack of cohesion or teamwork, and/or no clear vision-- we help your team move forward toward achievement.


Train your team for success

Whether you’re in healthcare, construction, banking and finance, manufacturing, municipal or chamber work, technology, non-profit, or the myriad of other industries we serve, our expertise in training will expand the capacity of your team and the direction of your organization. Browse our ever-growing  list of training programs below to find what needs to be addressed.

Providing “Wow!” Customer Service
Serving Difficult Customers
True Connections
Best Practices for Written Communication
Taking the Con Out of Conflict
Understanding Behavioral Styles (DISC)
Power Presenting
Navigating the Intergenerational Workplace
Maximizing Media Opportunities
Learning to Listen
Communicating Up, Down, and Across the Organization
Making Meetings Matter
Branding–Creating the Right Perception of Your Group
Culture by Design
Power of Positivity
Preventing Harassment in the Workplace
Where Are We Going?
Inclusion for a Successful Working Environment
Ethics and Integrity
Fireproof Feedback Delivery
Hiring and Firing–Fill Your “Bus” with the Right People
Board Engagement
Courageous Leadership
Leading Change
Workplace Accountability
Critical Keys to Leadership
20 Ways to Build Morale
Effective Mentoring–The Missing Link
Succession Planning
Best Practices for Successful Performance Reviews
Performance Coaching
The Art of Delegation
Breakthrough Adventures
Personal Development
Influence and Empowerment
Developing Personal Vision, Mission, and Goals
Time Management
Dealing with Your Blind Spots
Emotional Intelligence
Creating a Work-Life Balance
Critical Thinking
Business Etiquette–Rules of the Road
Dealing with Emotions
Embodying Empathy
Introverts ONLY 
Best Practices for Effective Networking
THRIVE, not survive!


Walk away inspired, engaged, & entertained

Whether you’re looking for training for your executive team, middle managers, rising stars, or board of directors, we have the experience it takes to help them grow in their skills to lead well. Every day, we come alongside organizations to help leaders recognize what they need in order to lead more effectively. We then provide lessons, activities, exercises, role playing, and more to help them gain these skills and put them into motion.

I have looked to Core Insights for training and coaching support in numerous capacities over the past 10 years. Recently, I began a new position with a new company and it was Core Insights I turned to when building our new team. They are able to facilitate the kind of trust, vulnerability, and esprit de corps that is needed for both new and established teams to reach their potential.

Cindy Klein
Chief Operating Officer, HealthFirst

Over the last ten years Core Insights has provided our team with instrumental leadership training. Their interactive style has allowed participants to learn regardless of their role within the organization. As a certified planner, I greatly value their creative approach to public engagement activities. They recognize the importance of diversity so that people from all backgrounds can bring their unique strengths and perspectives to the table.

Heather Nick
AICP, Managing Director, City of Tyler

As a developer of young leaders, it is important for me to make sure my students get the best training possible. Core Insights has crafted a training regimen for us that is not only specific to our needs, but has been effective in helping our students achieve their goals in our program. Core Insights is excellent at developing people; I highly recommend them to you.

Matt Lantz
Forge Director, Pine Cove Camps

The presenters at Core Insights can take a complex subject and make it simple and easy to understand. Whether it's becoming a better communicator or gaining insights into how to interact with others, their straightforward style imparts a great deal of insight and wisdom in an efficient and entertaining presentation.

Carroll Roge
Principal/CEO, Roge Marketing


Learn from experts in the field

Brian Brandt

Our team of trainers are personable, passionate, entertaining and have your best interest at heart. We quickly connect with our audiences, and become trusted advisors for senior leaders. We have extensive experience in a breadth of industries, and deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to accomplish transformation. Utilizing creative, engaging, and thought-provoking activities and programs, we produce “aha” moments that take individuals, companies, and nonprofits to new heights.


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