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Produce positive change within your organization

Sharing stories drawn from years of leadership and workplace engagement, our keynotes produce positive change. Our team of speakers deliver timely messages filled with applicable, and often humorous, stories that connect with our audiences. Our aim is to engage, entertain, and challenge the participants. We create opportunities for the audience to leave with clear takeaways they can apply to everyday life.


Capturing crowds all over the world

We’ve connected with many groups throughout the world with audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. We motivate people to take action with inspiring stories, audience participation, and solid material.

We invited Core Insights to speak at our annual sales awards ceremony this year. We don’t usually hire outside organizations to speak at our functions due to the uniqueness of our business model, but we are so glad we did! They took the time to research our industry, asked critical questions to identify how they could help, and presented a program with an accountability piece— which was the best part. It gave the leadership something to follow back around with the sales reps. Now our team has a strategy in place to service our clients and thrive in this “new normal.” Whether your sales team is surpassing goals, on pace, or in a rut, Core Insights can help.

Kevin Green
Senior Sales Manager, Northeast Texas, Humana

As an organization that arranges a large number of conferences and other education events, we're immediately able to recognize true talent when it comes our way. We will definitely be looking for additional opportunities to share Core Insights’ skills with our members. I would highly recommend Core Insights to your organization and can ensure that you will find no better value for your training dollars.

Dave Pearson
CEO, Texas Organization of Rural and Community and Hospitals

Core Insights presented a session on “Improving Organizational Communication” to a large group of our HR leaders from across the country and did an excellent job. The session was interesting and engaging and the information was very relevant and applicable to all who attended. I would definitely recommend Core Insights to any organization.

Phil Lund
Vice President of Human Resources, Feeding America

The Core Insights team has spoken for us at numerous events - staff team building and continuing education, leadership conferences, business workshops - with various audience sizes. Each dynamic speaker was incredibly knowledgeable on each topic, and all were very easy to work with. You won’t be disappointed when hiring Core Insights for your next event.

Mechele Agbayani Mills
President & CEO, BBB Serving Central East Texas


Meet the experts

Photo of Brian Brandt

Brian Brandt

Brian Brandt

Brian’s entrepreneurial drive was evident at an early age as he sold peanuts, started a recycling endeavor, held a consistent job sweeping floors, and taught tennis to adults and children--all before the age of 16. He later received a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master’s degree in global leadership. Brian is the CEO of Core Insights, a company that influences individuals and organizations through training, strategic planning, coaching, keynotes, and leased employees. When he’s not speaking to groups, he’s regularly interviewed by various media outlets on a wide variety of business topics.

Photo of Ashley

Ashley Kutach

Ashley Kutach

Ashley’s passion is helping people reach their goals and take control of their careers. She works closely with employees at all levels of organizations to guide, coach, and to encourage development and growth. As an accomplished leader, facilitator, executive coach, consultant, keynote speaker, and Human Resource leader, Ashley provides a balance of compassion and grit in her down-to-earth conversations with others. Ashley is the Manager of Organizational Development at UT Health East Texas and holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Communication and a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development. When she’s not helping others reach their goals Ashley loves spending time outdoors with her husband and their three young adult children.

Photo of Chris

Chris Zervas

Chris Zervas

Chris helps busy leaders improve employee engagement and elevate their organization’s bottom line by enhancing their communication and leadership skills. “Profound”, “engaging” and “fun” are words audiences often use to describe his engagements, which are designed to help increase efficiency, productivity, and employee retention. Chris empowers leaders to focus on relational, rather than transactional, communication and, according to his clients, has added value worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. He is the author of the book, Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback, which guides leaders through day-to-day leadership principles and provides a decision tree to help successfully deliver difficult conversations. He has served two college communication faculties, has been trained in conflict resolution through offices of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, and has delivered countless keynotes and trainings.


Let us create a message to meet your needs

After a thorough discussion about your audience and goals, together we’ll determine the right keynote for your group. Here is our simple process to creating a custom message for your team:

Share about your event, audience, and goals
We’ll propose options for achieving your desires
Let’s agree on a course of action and enjoy!

While many groups receive a custom designed message for their unique group, here are some popular topics to consider:

Keynote Topics
Stand Out from the Crowd!
Critical Keys to Leadership
Coaching Tomorrow’s Leaders
Have You Noticed That We’re Different?
Be a Student… for the Rest of Your LIfe!
Culture by Design
Dealing with Your Blind Spots
Leading Change in Our Ever-Changing World
Superwomen in Leadership
Taking the ‘Con’ Out of Conflict
Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback


Actionable takeaways for your organization

Participants will receive actionable information that they can put to work immediately in both their professional and personal life. Program length may range from a keynote to a multi-day training program.


Competitive pricing to fit your budget

Once we understand your desired outcomes and other factors, we’ll promptly provide you with a proposal that includes your investment. The common range for a Core Insights’ speaker is $6,250 - $9,000 for keynote speakers at conferences.

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