Product shot of the book Blind Spots by Brian Brandt

Blind Spots

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You


If you’ve ever been left out of an opportunity where you thought you could really add value, missed out on a promotion you believed you were perfect for, or seen a relationship deteriorate for no apparent reason, you likely have blind spots. This book is about identifying and dealing with the behaviors, attitudes, and habits you’re not even aware of that keep you from being and doing your best. We’ll show you the hidden issues that are stalling your potential and teach you 11 proven strategies to overcome your blind spots.

What the Readers Are Saying

One of the best leadership books I’ve ever read, it focuses on a key aspect of leadership often overlooked—self-evaluation. This book takes the challenging concept of self-evaluation and breaks it into an actionable, simple-to-follow methodology.

Ryan M. Akins
Regional President, Dale Carnegie

We have used several of these techniques to help our team achieve greater success. As a clinician, I like how it has practical ways to diagnose and then treat blind spots in my personal and professional life.

John English, MD
CEO, Bethesda Health Clinic

Blind Spots is full of uplifting examples and stories that lead to powerful changes and inspire improvement on a personal and professional basis. No matter your role in life, you will discover practical and insightful direction on developing your potential. A must read!

Sandra Love, ED
Recipient of the National Distinguished Principal Award and author
Product shot of the book Ambassadors Journeyby Brian Brandt

Ambassador’s Journey

A Parable About Nonprofit Board Leadership


What happens when a new board member finally finds his purpose? Chris Stevens is about to find out. When Chris’s boss talks him into joining the board of Travis County Cares, he’s reluctant to say the least. He’s never met a homeless person, much less helped a nonprofit work with them. To his surprise, he soon finds himself engaging with other board members and being inspired by the executive director to serve his community in ways he never thought possible.

This leadership parable helps nonprofits accomplish their mission by inspiring board members to be more engaged and reap more enjoyment from investing their time. Written as a fictional story by seasoned leaders in the nonprofit world, this book gives a fresh take on how to guide board members to be enthusiastic Ambassadors for their organization. It addresses key questions including:

  • How do I really make a difference through my board service?
  • What does my organization need from me?
  • How do I go beyond just going through the motions?

The end of each chapter has prompts designed for individual and group discussion. Bonus material also includes insightful questions for executive directors and board chairs, along with a sample board matrix, recruiting and onboarding checklists, and more.

What the Readers Are Saying

The personal reflections, group discussions, and actions presented will help make your organization stronger by creating a better and broader understanding of the distinct and interrelated what, why, and how of each perspective as board member and nonprofit executive.

Dennis Cullinane
CEO, East Texas Food Bank

Too many of us attend board meetings but we do not really join the board by sharing trust, competence, enthusiasm and commitment. Here is a guide for boards and directors alike to both challenge and encourage the work of each.

Fred Smith
Founder of The Gathering, Fourth Partner Foundation, and Leadership Network

One of the best primers and guidebooks on nonprofit board service I’ve seen. Brandt and Kutach offer high-level vision, tools for reflection, and practical tips on how to contribute more effectively on boards. A must read and a fun read!

Tom Lin
President and CEO, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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